Make any amp sound like a tube amp

I'm honored to announce that through extensive tone testing and painstaking commitment Revolt Amplifiers and I have teamed up to create a mind blowing tube driven overdrive pedal that's sure to rival any overdrive pedal ever produced . It all began with an idea from Revolt Amplifier Owner and President Anthony's dream of creating the ultimate overdrive pedal and and his search for an artist who had a vision to help shape it . After months of trial and error .. I'm pleased to to say , we got it right ! The 12AX7 tube adds so much warmth to the vintage channel, and the modern channel just Screams !!! Totally shape-able and unbelievably versatile , the TS OD pedal by Revolt is something I'm proud to put my name on !

- Tony Smotherman

Tube Overdrive Pedal Video


  • Master gain
  • Master volume with overdrive feature
  • Push pull volume knob changes tone shape
  • Includes 12AX7 tube
  • Casing made from hard aluminum
  • 12V 1Amp Power supply included

Not only sounds like but feels like playing a tube amp!

Shipping Information

FREE SHIPPING! (Within the Continental States Only)

Pedals will also ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, or Japan for an additional $30 charge.
Pedals are custom built as ordered Allow 3 to 8 weeks build time. VAT taxes are not included in the price.

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